Ep 116 - Streamline Your Furnishing & Monetize Your Decor with Minoan Founder Marc Hostovsky

Immersive design describes design work that ranges in levels of interaction and leads users to be fully absorbed in an experience. So, to fall in love with a product, you have to experience it in your everyday life. Joining us today is the Founder of Minoan, Marc Hostovsky! Minoan is at the frontier of a new way of shopping — one they call “Native Retail”.



Marc Hostovsky is the founder of Minoan. Prior to leaving to start Minoan, Marc was an early employee at Jet.com (later acquired by WMT in 2016 for $3.3B) where he managed a $400M omnichannel P&L and spent a lot of time between the walls of traditional retail (WMT) and eCommerce (Jet.com). After spending over a decade in retail, Marc saw an opportunity to shift the economic relationship between suppliers and consumers, specifically short-term rental hosts. By turning these properties into showrooms for brands, the concept of “Native Retail” was born. Native Retail is the idea of illuminating everyday spaces like short term rentals, gyms, restaurants, etc., and turning them into showrooms for the products and brands that are in those spaces. That way, consumers can test out products in environments which the products were designed for, and if they like them, they can easily learn more and even purchase them at that moment. As featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, and Sunset Magazine, Minoan is an all-in-one, free, ordering platform hosts can use to systematize furnishing. Hosts can buy from 200+ brands at steep discounts and save the hassle of dealing with messy logistics (tracking, customer service, etc.). One thing that sets Minoan apart from other purchasing organizations is we can also help turn your STR into a shoppable experience so guests can order the items they loved from their stay, and you can make a little extra money.





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