Ep 150 - Starting a Fund and Building a Diverse Real Estate Portfolio with Lindsay Lovell

Ready to level up your real estate game? Our newest podcast episode is here! Join us as we sit down with Lindsay Lovell to uncover the secrets of starting a fund and building a diverse real estate portfolio. Get ready for invaluable insights and strategies to take your investments to new heights!



Lindsay Lovell had an explosive, successful start in real estate investing. In just the first 18 months, Lindsay scaled from zero to 36 doors, reaching her goal of financial freedom along the way. She started with a focus on the BRRRR method and then quickly expanded into flips, STRs, joint ventures, and passive investments. Now, only two years later, her portfolio consists of 57 long-term rentals, 15 short-term rentals, and LP in 2 mobile home park syndications. Scaling this quickly involved leveraging various creative financing strategies, including hard money loans, tapping into equity from BRRRRs, forming relationships with local banks, and even utilizing a self-directed IRA and self-directed Roth IRA. With her portfolio spanning across multiple states, Lindsay has developed the skills to build teams and get traction quickly, allowing her to be successful investing in differing markets. Lindsay recently co-founded G-VI Capital Management, LLC, which has over $15M in assets within three funds under management. The unique opportunity that G-VI Capital Management offers to investors is access to all the benefits of investing in various markets, with a blend of vacation rentals and long-term rentals, without any of the workloads it takes to run rentals successfully. Additionally, Lindsay co-founded Wanderlust Stays, a co-hosting/vacation rental management company that oversees properties across the country.





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