Ep 47 - Exceed Expectations and Create Destinations with Wil Slickers

guest experience Apr 12, 2021


Wil Slickers - brings a new perspective to tourism, hospitality, and service. Wil lives by the concept of "Exceeding Expectations and Creating Destinations." While running his network of podcasts, he is also an advisor for other hospitality brands like a Treehouse/Glamping company based in California and much more!
Wil got his start by working for a Marriott Autograph Collection with over 700 rooms as a 4 Diamond property and even moved on to managing an all-suite hotel on the Oregon Coast before taking the leap into full-time self-employment and entrepreneurship.


06:05  Wil’s Intro/Biography.

07:46  How Wil got started into the short-term rental business.

12:52  The kind of properties that they’re after.

15:41  Where they focus and dominate their STR properties.

18:14  What they plan on doing and the guest experience they want to give people.

20:48  Wil’s mission with their Podcast.

24:30  What they focus on for their investors.

27:44  When you are being a curated-moment focused.

30:41  What he brought into the business from his hospitality background.

33:03  Where can people find out more about Wil Slickers.

34:09  Having a separate website for bookings or not.

35:56  Wil’s number 1 secret to success with Short-term rentals.

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"The focus is on this market and then as we expand and get a good portfolio here, we really want to see if we can copy and paste into other destinations." - Wil Slockers

"There's a lot of commonalities but we can all learn from each other and I think the more we go with that approach, the industry of travel and hospitality will be better off in the future." - Wil Slickers

"There's just certain things that you can do in order to go that one extra step." - Wil Slickers


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