Ep 54 - How to Become One of the Top 10 STR Management Companies in the World with Nikola Grubelic

management str May 31, 2021


Nikola Grubelic - is the founder and CEO of Direct Booker, an international short-term rental management company with a portfolio of 8,000 + units in 9 countries through 22 franchises. Direct Booker is one of the World’s Top 10 Property Management Companies & Technology Developers with the World’s Leading Franchise Model in the Short Term Vacation Rental Industry.


04:16  Nikola Grubelic’s Intro/Biography.

05:16  How he started in the STR industry.

09:03  Decided to scale from 35 units after 2 years.

10:10  How their franchise model works.

14:02  What you can expect from their franchise.

16:42  How the marketing under Directbooker works.

17:52  How you get in the Directbooker franchise.

21:21  To whom they present their presentations.

23:21  Their Journey from 35 to over 8,000 units.

26:16  How their franchisees operate.

27:22  Not owning any properties as a company.

28:20  Their vision for Directbooker.
30:50  Selling their property management system.
32:17  Some tips on how to beat Covid and keep getting bookings.

34:38  Where can people learn more about Directbooker.
35:44  Nicola’s number 1 secret to success with short-term rentals.

37:43  Putting additional effort for when everything gets back to normal.

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"I get reservations and I get booked every single day that I work and I saw the opportunity there." - Nikola Grubelic

"Basically we are a vacation rental company providing vacation rental solutions." - Nikola Grubelic

"We have different tools on how to engage with property owners to contact us to tell them how they can earn and what is the way we work with them." - Nikola Grubelic

"We don't have any properties. We don't own anything as a company. We are just working on the revenue share a month." - Nikola Grubelic

"Putting yourself in the business and if you do that hard work, things will happen and you will get paid back at the end." - Nikola Grubelic


Website: https://partners.direct-booker.com/


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