Ep 58 - Managing and Growing 400 Units Using Timeshares with Myka Artis

Myka Artis is a short term rental investor utilizing the rental arbitrage strategy and BRRRR to acquire his STRs. He owns 3 STRs and arbitrages over 400+ properties.

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03:05 Myka Artis introduction and background
04:04 How Myka got into the STR industry
05:16 Myka's first condo in North Arlington
05:45 Myka shares his experience with his parent's timeshare
06:36 Myka's first house on Airbnb
07:00 Myka's first partnership deal
08:31 The power of timeshares
13:32 Myka breaks down his timeshare STR model in depth
14:54 Best set up for an STR space
17:30 Why Myka loves short term rentals
18:23 How Myka got to 400 short term rentals
19:19 What are the things to look out for when running timeshares on Airbnb
21:32 Myka shares how he started with his Airbnb properties
22:25 Myka's favorite real estate investment strategy
23:40 The acquisition cost on a BRRRR deal
25:08 How Myka gets mortgages for his Airbnb properties
28:27 Myka's 5-year vision
29:43 How Profit First changed Myka's perspective
33:06 Myka talks about his team
34:06 Systems that Myka uses for his business
38:04 Credit card hacking
44:38 Where can people connect with Myka
46:35 Myka's #1 secret to success with STR

"I already have a perfect day planned out of what I want, and I know that I'll be there soon." - Myka Artis
"My number one secret to success was just doing it." - Myka Artis
"We are just humans and we all have our days but it is the big why of having the vision and understanding what you want, having a partner that you want to do it with, it just makes it all worth it." - Emanuele Pani
"The more seeds you plant everywhere, the more opportunities that are going to come your way." - Mike Sjogren

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