Ep 59 - From Being a Lawyer to a Successful HostGPO Business Owner with Jeff Iloulian

Jeff Iloulian has been in the vacation rental industry for over 8 years. He has set up, managed or operated over 250+ vacation rental properties - from master leasing apartment buildings to arbitraging luxury mansions. He has also worked directly with Airbnb on various pilot programs for Airbnb Plus and Luxe. Jeff has successfully grown several businesses and has a passion for interdisciplinary problem-solving in emerging industries. He has a background in Economics and Philosophy from Columbia University and a JD from UCLA School of law. Before becoming an entrepreneur he spent three years as a lawyer practicing Business and Intellectual Property litigation.

04:23 Jeff Iloulian introduction and background
05:39 How Jeff got into the STR industry
07:39 Jeff's first deal in STR
08:19 How Jeff scaled and navigated his Airbnb business
10:58 Jeff shares what his team look like
12:55 E talks about his high-end hospitality Airbnb experience in Barcelona
14:12 Jeff shares where he pools his team from
16:01 Jeff's favorite real estate model
17:37 Jeff talks about his goal when he first started with Airbnb
20:12 Factors that made Jeff jump into the Airbnb industry
21:25 Jeff talks about his business HostGPO
25:37 Mike shares his experience working with HostGPO
26:15 Looking at things from a high-level business standpoint
33:12 Jeff's vision for HostGPO and in the Airbnb industry
35:30 Is the STR industry oversaturated
38:31 HostGPO discounted rate categories
41:39 Acknowledgments to Jeff
42:14 Where can people connect with Jeff
44:42 Jeff's #1 secret to success with STR

"Being strategic and opportunistic, keeping your eyes open is I think are the secrets to success." - Jeff Iloulian
"If you're in the early stages, don't live in a wishful world. Don't be afraid to say no to people, opportunities are not limited." - Emanuele Pani

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