Ep 60 - From 0-8 Out of State Co-host Properties in 8 Months With Claire Rosenberg


Claire Rosenberg is currently working as a Customer Success Manager at Linkedin and is managing 8 short term rentals for homeowners all remotely. She is a co-host of the Millenial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast with Jonathan Farber. She started her STR journey by joining Mike Sjogren's STR Secrets Mastermind coaching program and has scaled to 8 co-host properties in 8 months.

04:40 Claire Rosenberg's introduction and background
05:34 How Claire got into the STR industry and real estate investing
09:00 Claire's first short term rental deal
10:24 Claire's STR journey
12:26 The snowball effect of referrals
14:00 Claire's mindset switch scaling from 4 to 8 units
15:42 Problem-solving in business
16:35 Being emotional and passionate in business
18:32 Not every deal is a good deal
20:10 E's tip for cold calling
21:27 Co-hosting out of state
21:24 How Claire manages her STR business while working a 9-5 job
29:29 What is a "Runner" and why they're vital to your business
31:07 Taking care of cleaners
32:40 The reality of out of state co-hosting
36:22 The bare minimum attitude
38:32 Mike's time management tip
42:13 Acknowledgments to Claire
42:51 Claire's #1 secret to success with STR
44:15 How to connect with Claire

"The more I think about the abundance that is available to us, the more I realize that I am allowed to say "no" and that something better is gonna come." - Emanuele Pani
" I think we should wear our emotions on our sleeves and just live life like that because it's just more real." - Emanuele Pani
"Not every deal is a good deal." - Mike Sjogren
"Audit your time and be laser-focused on what you want to achieve, and you'll start moving the needle every single day." - Mike Sjogren

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