Ep 61 - The Power of Your Tribe

Mike Sjogren is a short-term rental expert and coach. He has a portfolio of STR properties across 5 states as well as an oceanfront boutique hotel. Mike brings a wealth of finance, business, and real estate experience. He is passionate about helping others create financial independence through real estate so they can pursue their passions and leave their mark on the world.
Emanuele Pani is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Consultant at Signature International Real Estate. Has a degree in accounting and finance. Started his real estate journey working as maintenance until the owner decided to sell the 40 unit apartment building to Emanuele.

04:10 Join Mike's free training - https://www.strsecrets.com/webinar
05:52 How Mike and E met on M1
07:16 Mike's mental switch on creating income
09:44 The cat story
10:36 Living life by design
13:06 Pushing yourself for more
14:06 Being control of the driver seat for a positive outcome
14:57 Evaluating your circle of friends
15:29 Surrounding yourself with high-level people
16:30 E shares his Ironman story
18:07 Making the first million
19:16 The ripple effect of the right peer group
22:21 The power of your network
22:31 Building relationships with people you want to be like
27:28 How to consistently hit your goals
28:19 Knowing what you want and saying yes
30:09 Investing in yourself
35:29 Leveraging the power of positive peer pressure
41:12 Making connections on the Clubhouse app
42:21 Join the STR Secrets Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/STRentalsecrets
42:43 Putting full effort into the things that you want to do
44:41 David Goggins and Jocko Willink's podcast
47:23 The rule of thirds
48:02 Being mindful of your blind spots
49:55 Cutting negativity and elevating your peer group
57:55 Join our growing Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/STRentalsecrets
59:05 Watch Mike's free masterclass - https://www.strsecrets.com/strmasterclass
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"Live life by design." - Emanuele Pani
"Most people want the shot but they keep passing the ball." - Emanuele Pani
"Put your money where your mouth is." - Mike Sjogren
"Tell me who you're with and I'll tell you who you are." - Emanuele Pani

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