Ep 80 - Guest Perspective: Lessons For Hosts From a Digital Nomad with Zach Busekrus


Zach Busekrus and his wife are the founders of Sponstayneous, a weekly newsletter that brings subscribers the best last-minute deals and upcoming steals on Airbnb. They are full-time digital nomads and have stayed in 50 Airbnbs since last October and have learned a thing (or ten) about what separates the best stays from the rest of the pack. Zach can riff on any of the following topics: 10 Things I've Learned After Staying in 50+ Airbnbs, X Thoughts on Where You Should Invest (and Where You Should Save) from a Guest's Perspective, We're Full-Time Digital Nomads, Here's How We Choose Airbnbs (A Guide to What Separates the Wheat from the Chaff).

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03:51 Zach Busekrus' introduction and background
05:09 Zach and his wife's nomadic lifestyle
08:20 Zach talks about their favorite Airbnb stay
12:54 How Zach and his wife choose the space where they want to stay
16:11 Things that make Zach and his wife's stay memorable
18:47 Zach talks about their worst Airbnb experiences
23:05 Refillables or bottled shampoo and soaps discussion
25:36 Investing in good towels
26:36 Key things to invest in your short term rentals
27:05 Keeping your rental space items minimal
29:20 Things that Zach and his wife find in an Airbnb that makes their stay more comfortable
33:01 Zach shares what their journey will be
35:33 Acknowledgments to Zach
35:59 Where can people connect with Zach and Sponstayneous
37:29 #1 secret to success for an STR host in Zach's perspective

"Even if you have lots of great reviews but if you have crappy photos, that's gonna deter at least guests like us from staying at the place." - Zach Busekrus
"Knowing that there has been thought and intentionality of what to put in the space to help communicate more about the culture of the area, makes it feel more comfortable and makes you quickly fall in love with the space." - Zach Busekrus
"Response time is beyond influencing your ranking in short term rentals." - Zach Busekrus
"If you want to make your guests happy, pay the extra fee for the towels." - Zach Busekrus

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