Ep 93 - How to Make Your STR Profitable in The Smoky Mountains with Cale Delaney


The Smoky Mountains is an unbeatable location that you won't find anywhere else. It is the most visited national park in the USA that's why more and more people are offering short term rentals here. Luscious waterfalls, mountain rivers, and incredible history! So today on the show, Cale Delaney will talk about how to make your STR profitable in the Smoky Mountains.



Cale Delaney, who self-titles himself as the Accidental Intentional Millionaire, is a Christian, real estate investor, husband, and father of 3. After graduating cum laude with an engineering degree, he began his real estate career back in 2006 working as a Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker for a large Investment Brokerage in Miami, FL where he was awarded the Pace Setter award his first year for the most number of listings and sold over $7M in multi-family and retail real estate. However, with the crash of 2008, he left that business and put the real estate on hold until 2020 when he decided to go all in to start building generational wealth for his family. Since then, his investment portfolio went from $300k in January 2020 (a previous primary home turned rental) to over $4M and a net worth of over $2M less than 2 years later. In these two years, he’s purchased a total of 11 units including 5 LTRs and 6 STRs, 5 of which are luxury log cabins in the Smoky Mountains. Cale self-manages all his properties remotely while still working a W2 job. In his first year as an STR owner/operator, he’s generated almost $500k in gross revenue and hosted over 1,700 guests. He took his very first STR cabin from a projected revenue of $85k to an actual of almost $150kand converted an LTR generating $16k annually to an STR now on track to generate over $60k. Cale’s main focus now is on building his STR business and cash flow with the intent to move into larger multi-family or self-storage via syndications for more passive income.






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