Case Studies 

Looking to launch or take your short term rental business to the next level?

See the results our current students are achieving. 


How Mike went from 0 to 20k of cashflow in 18 months with STR Secrets


Darryl went from $0 to a 7 Figure Co-hosting business in less than 2 years with STR Secrets


Chris grew from 0 to 40 units in 2 years, while working a W2 job, and being a great dad with 2 new infants


Carrie went from 1 unit to 10 units in 7 months with STR Secrets


Kyle and Ali grew from 1 unit to 8 units in 6 months with STR Secrets


Tommy explains the value of coaching from Mike Sjogren and surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs! He went from 0 to 8 properties in 2 years


Vishal gained the confidence to switch an LTR to an STR and created a whole new division in his Real Estate Agency Business focused on STR’s


Parker accelerated from 1 to 10 units w/ STR Secrets


Mike explains the value of the STR Secrets Mastermind


Andy, an experienced real estate investor, shares his thoughts on the time and money value of investing in education prior to getting into STR’s


Alan manages his two Disney STR's from 10 hours away - Cash flowing 10k/month


Roman shares the value of the high level of accountability and coaching you get with STR Secrets. He’s doubled his portfolio in 3 short months


Sam and his wife started their business by joining STR Secrets and have grown from 0 to 6 STR’s in 6 months with more coming


Mike explains why this program is worth its investment "10 fold"


Joel gained the confidence to acquire his first property in less than 3 months and has more in the pipeline


Jayla went from 1 unit to 8 units in 4-5 months with STR Secrets


Sunny owns over 1000+ multi-family doors and has flipped many of them to STR’s w/ the help of STR Secrets


Jacob talks about how the Mastermind program provides vast information as well as networking with other fellow students


Shane turned real estate commission into co-hosting cash flow


Nathan and Rex went from 0 to 8 units in 8 months


Tristan went from $0 to $20k/month through co-hosting


Bernie tripled his income with short term rentals


Dave and Nina scaled to 9 units in their first year


Ken went from 0 to 6 units in 4 months


Ivana is investing internationally and managing her luxury Orlando property from Canada with much success

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