Ep 177 - The Hospitable Host Movement with Jodie Stirling

Join us for a captivating conversation with Jodie Stirling, the visionary behind Hospitable Hosts. In this episode, Jodie shares insights into the Hospitable Host Movement, shedding light on the art of creating memorable experiences for guests. Learn about the transformative power of hospitality and the unique approach that sets Hospitable Hosts apart in the short-term rental landscape.


Jodie's Bio

Jodie Stirling, founder of Hospitable Hosts, Stirling Stays, and Omnipotent Publishing House, is a serial entrepreneur and proud mother of three amazing humans. What began as a book project evolved into Hospitable Hosts, a global movement of short-term rental hosts. Jodie's visionary leadership propelled her book, initially intended to share industry stories, to Amazon's number 1 bestseller list. With three volumes showcasing 124 inspiring host stories, Jodie recognized the need for elevating hospitality standards in the industry. This realization birthed the Hospitable Host Training Academy, a testament to Jodie's commitment to excellence in short-term rental management. Jodie Stirling is shaping the future of hospitality in the short-term rental industry with her Hospitality Management education and collaboration with the Hospitable Hosts community.


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