Ep 178 - Level Up Your Listing with Natalie Palmer and Tatianna Taylor-Tait

And we're back! Get ready to level up your listing game with our special guests Natalie Palmer and Tatianna Taylor-Tait! Our special guests are seasoned experts in the field of hospitality and property management. They'll be sharing their invaluable insights, tips, and tricks to help you take your rental property to the next level and maximize its potential. Don't miss out!


Natalie and Tatianna's Bio

Natalie Palmer runs a boutique vacation rental management company, is actively growing her real estate portfolio, and hosts No Vacancy The Podcast, where she shares weekly hosting advice. She works closely with Airbnb to set new hosts up for success and loves sharing relatable hosting content. She lives in SoCal and manages her mountain listings remotely while working from home with her 2 under 2.

Tatianna Taylor-Taitis is an award-winning designer helping individuals design beautiful homes and create passive income through property rentals. With almost 7 years in the short-term rental industry, I now use my knowledge to educate hosts to stop getting in their own way and build a financially free life they love.


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