Ep 179 - Boutique Hotel Branding with Kevin Reardon

On today's episode we are joined by Kevin Reardon, a successful hotelier and business owner, to discuss the journey from short-term rentals to hotel ownership. Kevin shares his story of starting in real estate and progressing to the hospitality industry. His wealth of experience allowed him to develop effective strategies for branding, marketing, and hotel operation. Kevin reveals lessons learned, like the importance of a comprehensive and aligned brand identity, the secret to attracting desired customers and reducing acquisition costs, and optimizing the conversion funnel for improved bookings. Another essential point Kevin touches on is the significance of having a robust team, effective systems, and a thorough self-development plan to create a successful business and a life of financial freedom.


Kevin Reardon's Bio

Former Wall Street Attorney turned successful Hotelier, Kevin started in short-term rental real estate in 2005. Kevin managed short-term rentals for 15 years as a side hustle. After leaving Wall Street and going all-in on himself and hospitality, he’s completely re-created multiple motels into gorgeous and incredibly successful independent hotels. In 2023, he exited one of his properties for a multi-million dollar profit. Now, he coaches independent hotel owners across the country on how to start, build, and grow their hotels.


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