Ep 26 - How to Create a Memorable Guest Experience with Hospitality Experts Antonio Pibia & Dominique de Groot

guest experience Nov 16, 2020


Antonio & Dominique is involved in hospitality on various fronts. Together they own Guestxinside, a company that focuses on the psychological aspects of the customer/guest journey. They inspire brands to be memorable, creating profitable customer journeys, and train staff accordingly. Antonio also owns an Italian restaurant with his brother in the Netherlands.



06:56  Antonio & Dominique’s introduction

07:58  How they started their company.

16:34  Why smell is important to enhance the guest experience.

19:56  What elements to look for to create an awesome guest experience.

24:05  A powerful aspect that they consider when developing guest journeys.

27:17  Creating something memorable, something different on your Airbnb.

28:10  How you can give a gift to a person that you don’t know.

29:32  The difference between hotels and Airbnb.

31:39  A tip for any short term rental owner or an Airbnb guy.

33:37  Thinking through that customer experience.

34:40  Building an experience and a story.

35:41  Leveraging scent of smell on your short term rental business.

36:21  Having positive emotion from your accommodation makes them want more.

38:53  Things that people should concentrate on customer care.

41:38  Training yourself non-verbal communication.

42:55  A couple of tricks when you’re not meeting with guests.

45:45  How to understand someone without seeing them in person.

44:27  What you can do to show that we care on the messaging or on the listing.

48:02  Make sure they never have a doubt that you’re a robot.

50:11  Where can people find out about Antonio & Dominique and their company?

50:54  Their #1 Secret to being successful in the hospitality industry.



"The experience should be good enough for most of the time and

exceptional just occasionally." - Antonio

"If you have a positive emotion you'll want more of that emotion." - Dominique

"Spend your money according to making the guest experience better. And not

necessarily what you think you would like." - Emanuele Pani

"Make sure that they should never have the doubt that you're a robot.

Make sure that they should have the feeling that they are dealing with

a human being." - Antonio

"Focusing more on how you make people feel not just the experience." - Michael Sjogren



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/guestxinside/

Antonio’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonio-pibia-05baa4172/

Dominique’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominiquedegroot/

Website:  http://www.guestxinside.com/


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