Ep 56 - Running 40+ Short Term Rentals From Half Way Around the World


05:09 E shares his personal experience renting several Airbnbs for his trip to Europe

07:29 How to make your Airbnb amazing

08:56 How to turn your vacation into a productive one

09:48 Evaluating E's experience at the first Airbnb in Spain

13:43 How to set proper expectations to guests

15:13 E's experience on his second Airbnb in Spain

17:35 Why you need to de-personalize your properties

19:29 Providing an ideal guest experience

23:36 E's advice for Airbnb hosts

24:24 Mike's advice for Airbnb hosts

24:47 How E manages his 40 units in Florida while being on a vacation in Europe

27:21 How to become financially free

28:55 Insights about work-life balance

33:23 Finding out what lights you up

34:16 Mike and E talk about financial freedom

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"This life is really a game of momentum. The real hack is how do you keep the momentum as you are experiencing and enjoying life." - Emanuele Pani

"This for me is a dress rehearsal to spending more and more time, and what I am creating is very much the life that I don't need a vacation from." - Emanuel Pani

"There is a lot of talk about work-life balance, I think it's a big lie. So for me, it's work-life integration, how do I want to design my life?" - Mike Sjogren

"Chase momentum for the things that matter to you." - Mike Sjogren

"Financial freedom, it's not a big number every month. Financial freedom is affording the life that you want to afford when you want to afford it." - Emanuel Pani

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