Ep 57 - Celebrating Growth and Little Wins While Building Your Airbnb Business with Justin Skinner



Justin Skinner grew up in Springfield, MO, and played collegiate baseball. He owned a commercial photography and graphic design business with his wife when they got their invoices with short term rentals. They have been hosting for about five years now and are in the process of building a lake house short term rental on Table Rock Lake.



05:04 Justin Skinner's introduction and biography

05:46 How Justin got into the STR industry

07:36 Justin shares his experience with his first deal while doing design and photography work 

10:20 Justin's Airbnb story

13:25 How Justin and his wife does pricing

14:07 Justin shares how he interacts with his guests

15:11 E's personal experience about interacting with hosts during his stay in Spain

17:40 Justin talks about his team

18:13 How much time Justin spends on running his units

20:20 Thoughts about hospitality and personal touches

23:51 Types of guests that Justin's Airbnb caters

24:52 The can opener experience

26:45 Justin's units in Missouri

27:46 Sharing bad experiences on their Airbnb

29:37 Justin's 5-year vision

31:20 Insights about self-growth, goals, and success

36:19 Celebrating little wins

37:08 Acknowledgments to Justin

37:50 Where can people connect with Justin

38:36 E's message to Justin

39:47 Justin's #1 secret to success with STR



"A lot of people say that there's not a lot of opportunities, but the reality is that they are always around and it's just a matter of taking chances." - Emanuele Pani

"We are all for growth, we just don't want to overload ourselves and get into some time crunch" - Justin Skinner

"When you look at your life through the shoulds of what other people are doing, you'll just end up being unhappy." - Emanuele Pani

"We're content without being content." - Justin Skinner

"You can go as big as you want but what is the why behind it." - Mike Sjogren



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