Ep 74 - From 1-11 Listings in 9 Months with Real Estate Agent Shane O'Connor

Shane O’Connor is the CEO & Founder of Alchemy Real Estate & Alchemy Hosting. Alchemy is based in Tampa, FL, building a portfolio of Short-Term Rental assets primarily focused in Central Florida. By delivering vertically integrated, top-tier service from beginning to end in the investment process, Alchemy has grown from a single property (and single employee) to 11 properties & a team of four in less than a year. At that same time, Alchemy will have also delivered more than $3M in closed real estate deals for its clients. Shane is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served as an officer in the U.S. Navy for 9 years. He received an M.S. Degree in Real Estate from the University of Florida. He runs the company with his brother, Captain Devin O’Connor, who is an active duty Marine Corps helicopter pilot in addition to being the Director of Operations for Alchemy.

05:16 Shane O'Connor's introduction and background
07:45 Shane share his journey from being in real estate development to helping investors locate and manage properties
13:40 Lessons Shane learned about HOA issues
16:54 Managing properties as a real estate agent
19:10 Shane talks about being a real estate agent
22:41 Recognizing your limits and bringing in more help
25:21 Elevating yourself as a manager and a leader
29:58 Continuous learning resulting in being a valuable service provider
33:14 Trusting the experts
38:18 Tips for real estate agents tapping into managing properties or co-hosting
47:41 Holding yourself to a higher standard
50:19 Shane's tip for real estate agents looking for property managers
53:15 Acknowledgments to Shane
53:45 Where can people connect with Shane
54:21 Shane's #1 secret to success with STRs
57:32 Text "RESOURCES" to (978) 242-0001 to get the STR Secrets free resources
58:00 Subscribe to the Short Term Rental Secrets YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/shorttermrentalsecretsshow

"Don't be a secret agent." - Emanuele Pani
"If you're gonna do something, be world-class." - Mike Sjogren
"If you put good energy out in the world, it will come back to you." - Shane O'Connor
"The riches are in the niches." - Mike Sjogren
"Don't just talk about it, be about it." - Emanuele Pani
"The more unflappable that you are, the more that you believe in yourself in your ability to do things, the quicker things will happen," - Shane O'Connor

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