Ep 82 - Extreme Themed Short Term Rentals with Bryndee Barton


Bryndee Barton started her first real estate company in 2013 along with her husband, Kyle. What started as a side gig of duplexes turned into a full-time business flipping houses, creating vacation rentals, and developing larger multifamily deals. Her specialty is managing large re-construction projects remotely, as she has successfully managed and completed projects across 7 different states. Bryndee now focuses on Loma Homes vacation rental development—creating premium, extreme-themed homes for guests to get an immersive experience that leaves them with unforgettable memories.

04:35 Bryndee Barton's introduction and background
05:37 How Bryndee got into real estate and the STR industry
07:25 Managing properties out of state
09:36 Bryndee's tips on how to vet out contractors
12:13 Team players and accountability
15:19 Bryndee talks about her first extreme-themed STR deal
18:21 Numbers that matter when picking a market
20:47 Rule of thumb in annual revenue
22:24 Bryndee talks about their extreme-themed vacation spaces
25:13 How Bryndee and Loma Homes works on their extreme-themed rentals
27:05 Making your property stand out on competitive markets
29:14 Horror story of a design manager
30:56 Bryndee's goal for Loma Homes
32:06 How to fund themed STRs
36:26 Tips before raising funds and investing in STRs
39:49 Acknowledgments to Bryndee
40:46 Where can people learn more about Loma Homes
41:28 Bryndee's #1 secret to success with STRs

"It's a lot of work and there's also times that you want to give up but it's also validating when you see the first guest come through and the joy in the children's eyes." - Bryndee Barton
"It is so fun to make the world a little bit better even if it's just one house at a time." - Bryndee Barton
"The more things you know, the more ways you know how to play the game." - Emanuele Pani

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